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Alexian Resident Testimonials
Enriching Lives Through Vibrant Community Living

"If I knew I would enjoy this
place so much, I would have
moved in years ago." 

Yes, that's an accurate resident
statement. If we had
a nickel
each time we heard a comment
like that...



Retirement living has evolved to be the beginning of a new chapter in your
in your life. Some people have found it to be the most enriching and fulfilling chapter because of the many life experiences that can now be shared with fellow residents along with new adventures. 

"All my memories are in this house."  This is so very true.  Your memories are sacred and enduring for you.  Alexian residents talk about new memories they've gathered. Memories are also about the past and new memories, some you are not even aware of yet, await you within a community of caring residents and employees.

"A constant reservoir of friends," is how one Alexian resident says it.  As we age there are many loses of friends and family members.  Retirement living invites you to meet new people who often share the same experiences as you, since being from a similar generation.

Living in your home of 30 or 40 years may be very comforting but the potential for isolation and accidents increases with age.  Retirement living invites you to socialize and interact which only helps to promote a positive outlook in life.

Maintaining your home becomes more difficult with age, even with good neighbors helping keep the grass cut and snow shoveled.  Living at Alexian Village frees you from worrying about the condition of your roof and driveway or will the basement flood again or the need for window replacements.  You are now free to attend the many scheduled activities that Alexian Village offers as well as participate in activities that you've enjoyed for years with family and friends.

That trip that you always planned to take but didn't get around to and
your daughter's invitation to spend a month with her family are now available to you.  All you need to do is close your Alexian Village apartment door with confidence and without concerns.

Healthcare costs are ever increasing.  Living at Alexian Village offers
several advantages to contain healthcare costs and provide you with
a peace of mind assuring you the quality of care that you will receive and who will administer it.

"I didn't want to my children to worry about my husband and me. 
Alexian Village assures them and me that we are cared for, safe and
in a wonderful community."  This Alexian resident's comment says it all.

Downsizing When You Wish.  "It was fun to go through all the things
I no longer needed and to pass them on to my children.  The expression
on their faces was priceless and I got to witness that.  I liked that."

Peace of Mind.  "I can't tell you what a relief it was to move to Alexian
Village.  I did not realize how worried I was about my home until I was freed from it.  It's amazing the relief I feel now."

Services and Amenities.  "I never counted the meals I've prepared 
over the years.  I'd be afraid to add them up.  Cooking is now a memory. 
My group and I enjoy the meals that other people make and I love it." 
"They don't need to clean my apartment, I don't mind doing it myself
but it is still nice to have it done twice a month."


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We collaborate with those who share out ministry in carrying out our mission.
We promote healing of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through physical, psychological and spiritual care of those whose lives we touch.
We serve the sick, aged, dying and unwanted of all socioeconomical levels, especially the poor.
We believe that all are created in God's image. Therefore, we treat all with respect.
We manifest God's presence in the world by a concerned approach and competant care of those we serve
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