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The Lodge at Sherbrooke Village
Enriching Lives Through Our Home Again Program

Following any hospital stay due to illness, injury or an elective surgery, you can gain peace of mind by knowing that the caring staff and Rehabilitation Team at The Lodge are ready to plan for your recovery.  As part of the admission process you will:

  • Meet our caring and professional staff, rehabilitation specialists and nurses
  • Learn about our holistic approach to healing that fosters a total approach of mind, body and spirit
  • Learn about our rehabilitation therapies

If you are having elective surgery, we will assist you prior to surgery so you will understand what to expect afterward.  Our admission team will assist you and your family to verify and explain your insurance benefits and what insurance information is needed.  We will coordinate the details with your surgeon and physician to ensure that you receive the best care immediately by knowing your needs before you arrive.  Discharge planning begins before you are admitted to ensure the shortest length of stay.  This plan is developed by gathering medical information from your hospital stay and application.

Our Rehabilitation Restores Hope
The Lodge at Sherbrooke Village provides comprehensive rehabilitation programs to help you achieve your highest level of functioning.  Our experienced Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work with our Clinical Team to develop a care plan to help you reach your goals.  Our Therapists are all employed by Alexian Brothers and provide Therapy Services seven days a week.

Therapy Benefits
Enjoy The Lodge’s unique private suites especially designed with your comfort in mind, our spacious therapy gym, peaceful Chapel and other little extras to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. 

Regain Movement
We will teach you how to safely walk, climb stairs, negotiate curbs and ramps, and move from a bed to a chair, or transfer in and out of a car.  Our Therapists will also help you control or alleviate your pain. 

Day to Day Skills
We will help you re-learn the daily activities of life, including dressing, personal hygiene, meal preparation and homemaking.  You can practice your activities in the safety and comfort of our therapy gym; including a kitchen, pew with kneeler, mock grocery store, a full flight of steps, restaurant booth, multiple bathroom layouts and outdoor terrains to practice for a successful transition back home.

Assist with Communications
We can assist you to improve communication following an injury, illness or cognitive impairment. Diet and exercise related to difficulties in swallowing make Speech Therapy a critical part of the Alexian Team.

Transitioning Safely Home
Our Discharge Planning Team will prepare an extensive plan for you to ensure a safe, successful return to your home.  The team will arrange for all necessary home care services, durable medical equipment, as well as scheduling any follow up appointment prior to your discharge.

The same Transitional Coaches and Therapists who help you begin your recovery during your stay at the Lodge are available in our outpatient services department.  Your Transitional Coach and Therapy Team can help set up these programs which allow you to continue your journey on the road to recovery.


The Lodge
at Alexian Brothers Sherbrooke Village
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We collaborate with those who share out ministry in carrying out our mission.
We promote healing of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through physical, psychological and spiritual care of those whose lives we touch.
We serve the sick, aged, dying and unwanted of all socioeconomical levels, especially the poor.
We believe that all are created in God's image. Therefore, we treat all with respect.
We manifest God's presence in the world by a concerned approach and competant care of those we serve
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