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Our Signal Mountain Community, Yesterday And Today

Alexian Village is a not-for-profit ministry of the Alexian Brothers, a worldwide Catholic order with a nearly 800-year history of humanitarian service. The story of our Signal Mountain community begins with the Brothers’ acquisition of the historic Signal Mountain Hotel in 1936. Their original intent was to use the Inn as a retreat and training center, but it wasn’t long before the Brothers began to feel the need to share their gem in the mountains.

They first opened their doors to elderly men needing rehabilitation, recuperation from illness or a place to live. Over time, the number of residents and services grew. Then in 1979 the Brothers broke ground for Alexian Village of Tennessee, which today supports a full spectrum of retirement living resources and serves nearly 600 men and women of all faiths. Now, the original hotel is The Inn, a comfortable residence and center for resources and activities. The Alexian Brothers still maintain a residence here and work to fulfill the mission of Alexian Village: to provide a continuum of services that promote dignity, independence, health, longevity and meaning. Their long history and our not-for-profit status combine to provide stability, financial strength and a singular focus on our residents’ care, comfort and quality of life. They make our Village more than just a beautiful community.

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We collaborate with those who share out ministry in carrying out our mission.
We promote healing of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through physical, psychological and spiritual care of those whose lives we touch.
We serve the sick, aged, dying and unwanted of all socioeconomical levels, especially the poor.
We believe that all are created in God's image. Therefore, we treat all with respect.
We manifest God's presence in the world by a concerned approach and competant care of those we serve
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