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Harvest Hall - Alzheimer's Special Care Unit

Alexian Brothers Lansdowne Village in St. Louis, Missouri understands the unique needs of residents with Alzheimers.  Our residents are comfortable and well-cared for on Alzheimer's Special Care Unit in Harvest Hall.

With assistance from the Alzheimer's Association of St. Louis, Harvest Hall was designed with safety and security in mind.  The spacious surroundings allow residents to move freely in a monitored environment.  On Harvest Hall each resident has their own memory box outside of their doorway to assist them in identifying their rooms and recall special moments and people during their lifetime.  The well-secured, temperature-controlled sunrooms is available for everyone to enjoy the outdoors at anytime. 

Our staff on Harvest Hall receives specialized training from the Alzheimers Association of St. Louis to care for people with dementia.  Harvest Hall also has a team of a full time activity staff who plan meaningful programming, group and individual activities to support the well-being of our residents. 

Because mealtime can be a challenge for a resident with Alzheimers disease, Harvest Hall has a private dining area, a full time dietician, and caring staff to ensure residents enjoy their well-balanced meals. 

We collaborate with those who share out ministry in carrying out our mission.
We promote healing of the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through physical, psychological and spiritual care of those whose lives we touch.
We serve the sick, aged, dying and unwanted of all socioeconomical levels, especially the poor.
We believe that all are created in God's image. Therefore, we treat all with respect.
We manifest God's presence in the world by a concerned approach and competant care of those we serve
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